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Library Rules

Library Opening Hours

Library opening hours are determined by the Singapore Sports Hub. They may be changed from time to time and notice of any changes will be disseminated by the Library. All library users are required to leave the library by the last announcement of the library closing time.

Library Membership

Membership is not transferable. All library users must be registered as a member before they can use the library resources and facilities. Library members will be responsible for all items borrowed under their accounts and any fines associated with their late returns.


Library users are not allowed to remove any library materials from the Library until it has been properly charged out under their account. All materials borrowed shall be returned before the library due date indicated. Renewal of loans may be performed online via members’ My Library account. All library materials are regarded as the responsibility of the borrower until the return has been properly recorded. All returns made via the Book Drop are at the user's risk and are regarded as the borrower’s responsibility until the return has been properly recorded.


All members are required to comply with The Copyright Act (Chapter 63) when using the library’s resources. Members are reminded that copying of the contents from the Library’s resources beyond the limits allowed in the Act is illegal.


Library users shall take care in the use of library materials. Users must not deface them in any way including highlighting, underling, writing, drawing, etc. Any removal of the library’s materials whether in part or full will be considered as theft and may be prosecuted.

Food & Drinks

Food and drink are not allowed in the Library, with the exception of plain bottled water. Library staff may remove any food and drink found on tables or desktops.


Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Library.

Safety and Security

Library users are responsible for the security of their own property at all times. If needed, library users may be asked to submit their personal belongings for inspection. Users who are using their own devices may do so at their own risk and are fully responsible for the safety and security of their equipment (including cables and accessories). They should also be mindful of the safety of other library users, especially with trailing cables. The library will not be responsible for any loss or damages to their devices.


The Library may withhold library services and/or facilities for any infringement of the library rules. The librarian or library officer on duty may request the library user to leave the library if the person’s behaviour or conduct is deemed inappropriate.

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This page was last updated on 29-March-2022